Terracycles LogoTerracycles is an alternative interpretation to the mainstream theories of climate change. We look at specific data objectively, but also within the broader contexts of other data.


The Terracycles evidence for super storms is convincing with just 5 basic observations. 

  1. For the Earth to rapidly cool, heat must be removed from the Earth at a rapid rate.
  2. The ice sheets only occurred on half of the Earth’s Northern Hemisphere
  3. Glacial sketches made by scientists reveal how ice sheets spread from centralized locations.
  4. The Gulf Stream portion of the Atlantic Conveyer extended all the way to the Labrador and Norwegian Seas during the time of abrupt climate change 10, 500 years ago.
  5. The Greenland Ice Cores show a brief period of exceedingly high winds

From these five basic observations we can apply known meteorological principles to see how a super storm can develop


Global Warming Explained

Global Warming (glbl wôrmng)
A conjectural greenhouse effect on Earth that is attributed to deforestation and an increase in industrial air emissions.
It won't be long before mainstream science will agree that global warming (now called Climate Change) is a natural phenomenon and not a human mistake. Global warming has been happening for the past 10,000 years, ever since the last ice age advance of the Pleistocene period. In fact, it would be more accurate to call it Global Thawing.

Earth is not an ice planet. It is not natural for glaciers to extend to the 45th parallels. Evidence to support this statement lies in

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