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12/17/02 Global Temperatures Rise Again in 2002
Studying Earth’s Gravity Field
12/09/02 NASA Tree-Ring Study Reveals Long History Of El Niño
Arctic Sea Ice Shrinking, Greenland Ice Sheet Melting, According to Study
12/06/02 NASA Research Offers Explanation for Earth’s Bulging Waistline
12/02/02 Pacific Ocean Shows Higher Than Normal Sea Surface Heights
11/26/02 New NASA Theory May Help Improve Weather Predictions - -40 degree F water
11/26/02 Two-Billion-Year-Old Surprise Found Beneath The Azores
11/18/02 Pacific Ocean Temperature Changes Point To Natural Climate Variability
11/07/02 New Method Strikes an Improvement in Lightning Predictions
Kilimanjaro's glaciers almost all melted, says study
Landcover Changes May Rival Greenhouse Gases as Cause of Climate Change
09/19/02 Climate Change: 50 Years Past and Possible Futures
08/30/02 NASA Study Finds Rapid Changes in Earth's Polar Ice Sheets
08/22/02 Satellites Show Overall Increases in Antarctic Sea Ice Cover
08/08/02 Satellites See Big Changes Since 1980s in Key Element of Ocean's Food Chain
06/26/02 Mixed Croplands May Make Some Areas Cooler, Wetter In Summer
06/18/02 NASA Satellite Confirms Urban Heat Islands Increase Rainfall Around Cities
06/06/02 Greenland Ice Sheet Flows Faster During Summer Melting
06/05/02 Large Volcanic Eruptions Affect the "Greener Greenhouse"
05/29/02 Decline of World's Glaciers Expected to Have Global Impacts Over This Century
05/28/02 Fleet of NASA Spacecraft Observe Atmosphere's Response to Recent Solar Storms
05/16/02 Changes In Rainfall Patterns Spur Plant Growth, Carbon
05/02/02 Thunderstorms Are Affected By Pollution
04/11/02 Changing Antarctica Viewed by NASA Satellite
04/08/02 Terra Satellite Data Confirm Unusually Warm, Dry U.S. Winter
04/01/02 NASA Pinpoints Where Rain Comes from and Where It Goes
03/06/02 Ocean Shells Act As Chemical Change Buffer Over 1000s Of Years, NOAA
02/01/02 Bolivian 5 mi Wide Impact Crater from 11,000 to 30,000 Years Ago
01/31/02 Fewer Clouds Found In Tropics: NASA discovers new evidence of climate change
01/17/02 Study Links El Niño To Deadly South American Disease
01/16/02 NASA Satellite Instrument Warms Up Global Cooling Theory
01/14/02 Greenhouse Emissions Growth Slowed Over Past Decade
12/10/01 Methane Explosion Warmed the Prehistoric Earth, Possible Again
12/10/01 Volcanic Eruptions Help Plants Absorb More Carbon Dioxide From the Atmosphere
12/07/01 'Restless Earth' May Give Advance Notice of Large Earthquakes
12/06/01 The Sun's Chilly Impact on Earth
11/19/01 Ocean Circulation Shut Down by Melting Glaciers After Last Ice Age
11/14/01 Pine Island Glacier Creates a Splash
11/06/01 Climate Change, Not Humans Killed Off North American Megafauna
11/05/01 Satellites Shed Light on a Warmer World
10/22/01 Radiocarbon Locks In History Of El Nino In Coral Reefs
10/01/01 Icelandic Weather System Deciphers Changes in Arctic Ice Puzzle
09/04/01 Earth's Becoming a Greener Greenhouse
08/01/01 Solar Storms Destroy Ozone, Study Reconfirms
07/16/01 Climate Change in Atlantic Larger than Previously Thought
07/12/01 Solar Activity May Be Linked to Cloudiness Over US
05/29/01 Vegetation Increasing in the U. S.
04/23/01 Greenhouse Gases Cause Northern Winter Warming
04/11/01 NASA Demonstrates How Earth's Global Heat Engine Drives Plant Growth
03/22/01 Giant Crack Spotted in Antarctic Glacier
03/22/01 GPS Helps Track Scandinavia In Rebound From Iceage
02/28/01 Cloud "Heat Vent" Could Diminish Warming
02/21/01 Tracking the Fingerprints of the Rising Seas
11/28/00 Sinking Pacific Islanders To Be Moved To Higher Grounds
Himalayan Glaciers Melt at Rapid Pace
07/20/00 Rapid Thinning of Greenland Ice Detected
06/14/00 Mystery of the Ocean's Disappearing Tides Solved
05/11/00 Airborne Pollutant Raises Temperatures
11/05/99 New Global Tectonic Activity Map of Earth Produced
10/28/99 Study hints at extreme climate change
06/01/99 Space Blobs Create Backward Auroras
04/12/99 Link Between Solar Cycle and Climate Is Blowin’ in the Wind
03/04/99 Greenland’s Glaciers Are Shrinking
08/21/98 Alaska is Melting
As Alaska Melts, Scientists Consider the Reasons Why
ENN: Researchers find warming waters melting glaciers.